New Brunswick Police Commission

The New Brunswick Police Commission, an independent oversight body, investigates and resolves citizens’ complaints relating to the conduct of police officers in the Province of New Brunswick.

As part of its public complaint resolution role, the Commission is responsible for the maintenance of a list of Arbitrators to adjudicate disciplinary matters pursuant to the Police Act and the Code of Professional Conduct Regulation – Police Act.

To be eligible for appointment as arbitrator, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of New Brunswick or another jurisdiction in Canada; or be a member or former member of the judiciary in Canada;
  2. Agree to not act as a representative at a Police Act settlement conference or arbitration hearing;
  3. Agree to not give legal advice on any police matter to a party to an arbitration hearing either before or during an arbitration hearing;
  4. Individuals must possess demonstrable experience in labour - management relations, disciplinary arbitrations and the writing of arbitration decisions. Experience in police labour relations would be an asset;
  5. The ability to conduct hearings and render decisions in both official languages would be considered an asset.