New Brunswick Police Commission

Welcome to the New Brunswick Police Commission’s website.

Civilian oversight of governmental action is a cornerstone of a free and democratic society. It is particularly important that such oversight occurs at the point where government actions directly and personally affect the public. The oversight of policing is one such example.

Civilian oversight of policing ensures that allegations of police misconduct are investigated, that investigations are conducted fairly and with diligence, and that appropriate disciplinary and corrective measures, if warranted, are imposed. The role of any police oversight body is threefold: to ensure and enhance public awareness of the intricacies of police work; to provide a disciplinary mechanism to dissuade police officers from committing misconduct; and to assist in improving the quality of policing services provided to the public through the systematic review of legislation, policies and services. This is not an easy task - it requires attentiveness, understanding and patience.

The New Brunswick Police Commission is an independent civilian oversight body, created by the Police Act, a statute of the province of New Brunswick. The Police Commission’s mandate is to oversee the management of the public complaints process into the conduct of police officers and the policies or services of municipal and regional police forces within the province of New Brunswick. It does so in a transparent and accessible manner that ensures that both complainants and police officers subject to a complaint are treated fairly, impartially and with respect.

The New Brunswick Police Commission is committed to contribute to the maintenance of high standards of police conduct through the effective, timely and unbiased investigation of public complaints, and by ensuring that all police forces within the province are discharging their responsibilities for the maintenance of adequate levels of policing in an acceptable fashion.

This website provides you with a full range of information on the types of complaints that the Police Commission handles, on how to lodge a complaint, and it explains the complaint process in detail.


“Fair and independent civilian oversight of policing in New Brunswick trusted by all”

Quality Service - We provide services that are dependable and consistent.

Integrity - We act with honesty and fairness.

Accountability - We take responsibility for our policies, decisions, actions and products.

Objectivity - We make balanced and unbiased decisions.

Transparency - We foster a structure and culture that encourage access to information within the law.

The New Brunswick Police Commission is an independent civilian oversight body that safeguards the public interest in policing by:

  • Addressing complaints regarding the conduct of members of municipal or regional police forces and ensuring independent investigations;

  • Ensuring consistency in disciplinary and corrective measures imposed in response to Police Act violations;

  • Investigating matters relating to policing in New Brunswick.