Government of New Brunswick

“This session opens in the midst of unprecedented times, when our province and indeed the entire world, continues to face an unpredictable and prolonged global health pandemic. Amidst it all, New Brunswickers have proven to be resilient and strong. The people of the province have come together, working collaboratively to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep one another and our province safe.”

– Honourable Brenda Murphy

“We are proud that New Brunswick has received positive reviews from across Canada for our handling of the pandemic thus far and our early opening of the economy. We will continue to apply the lessons learned on how to deliver services more effectively, work more productively and leverage technology to continue to move our province forward. We know there is much work ahead of us, but by working together New Brunswickers will continue to rise to the challenges we face and show the world just how good we can be.” 

– Premier Blaine Higgs